Working on the Jarvis fic again (hello, draft from last summer!) I’m up to about 45,000-ish words, with another 10,000 to finish editing/reworking, before I move on to writing new material in the fic. Working on this section today:

They finally settled in at Stark Tower, disheartened to a man. (And woman.) Pepper’s condition was still relatively stable, at least, but there had been hide nor hair of Jarvis in his stolen android body. Tony was starting to have paranoid visions of Jarvis dead in a ditch somewhere, which was ludicrous on multiple levels, but it didn’t stop Tony from agreeing without any argument when Sam showed up in his workshop and politely demanded that Tony either provide a suit for him, fix his wings, or build him something new. It was nice to have a demand placed upon him he could actually do something about.

That was what he was doing when it happened: working on a new set of wings for Sam. Tony was in his workshop, the schematics for an improved exoskeleton expanded and blown up large in holographic image in front of him, bent over the workbench, when the huge glass window on the eastern side of the work shop simply exploded. A man with a brown ponytail and a gigantic fucking metal arm burst through it, rolling to his feet immediately.

“WHAT THE FUCK,” yelled Tony, and threw a wrench at the guy as he dashed behind a workbench. “Jarvis! Battle protocol, now!” Of course he hadn’t finished revamping the come-when-you-call suit yet, why would he expect to ever need something like that again—

“Activated,” said the Jarvis still in control of Stark Tower. The man with the metal arm crossed the room to Tony in three steps, grabbed him by the front of his shirt, and hauled him up off the ground, Tony’s feet dangling a foot over his work room floor.

“Why did you take Steve into a burning building?” demanded Bucky, because either it was Bucky “I’m A Recently Brainwashed Lunatic” Barnes, or there was some other psycho with a metal arm and a thick Russian accent menacing him right now. “He nearly died!”

“Hi, what, wow,” said Tony. He shoved ineffectively at the arm holding him aloft. “Okay first of all Rogers volunteered, he does that a lot actually, I would have thought you’d be an expert on this fact—”

“He could have died,” growled Bucky, hoisting Tony higher. Behind him, machinery whirred, and then a gust of cold, pressurized air exploded on him from behind. Bucky snarled and dropped Tony, ducking out of the way; Dum-E’s gears ground aggressively as he snapped his metal arm around, releasing the now-empty fire extinguisher at exactly the right moment to fling it at Bucky’s crouched form.

“BUCKY, NO!” Steve burst into the room then, Pepper and Sam close on his heels. He streaked across the floor, his yell stopping Barnes in the middle of turning on Tony’s bot—which was good, because if Bucky had actually touched Dum-E, Tony would have chucked him out the window, friend of Steve’s or no.

The next few minutes were very chaotic.