what's the deal with artist's statements on art projects? are they required by institutions or something? it's always a little jarring seeing a really cool painting or photo project or whatever, next to a really academic, nearly impenetrable wall of text about it





Artists universally despise artist’s statements, in my experience, and only do it under intense duress. We hate writing them and we hate people reading them. They are generally demanded by business managers, gallerists, collectors, schools, occasionally patrons (although not often, hail satan), press kits, CVs, and group shows or festivals.

Last time I was asked for an artist’s statement (for a press kit) I made Simon write it for me after listing off some shit I’ve done, and only gave it a very cursory glance before “approving” it. 

My best guess is that you can safely ignore artist’s statements, and/or assume someone had to write it at gunpoint, or that it was written by a third party and the artist wanted as little to do with it as possible.

"my music isn’t constrained by petty labels like ‘genre’, man, so like, dont put me in a box"

Artists statements: because people who buy big-a Art as an institution don’t think ‘I had a cool idea’, ‘I wanted to use this colour’ or ‘I was drunk’ are enough of a story for a piece because they couldn’t make it themselves.

see also: why every prehistoric artifact without an obvious utilitarian purpose is deemed a “ritual object”, and not “i whittled this because i had a lot of free time in the neolithic”