1. carriesfirstperiod:

    my mom just looked at a spider at our kitchen and yelled “why do you have to be like that? you dont need that many eyes or legs you need to stop”

  2. flufflebuffle:

I hate if when I’m taking a picture of my wife and suddenly Nicolas Cage


    I hate if when I’m taking a picture of my wife and suddenly Nicolas Cage

  3. reapersun:

~press your space face close to mine, love~


    ~press your space face close to mine, love~

  4. syqitten replied to your post “Weeeeell August sucked about as much as one month has been capable of…”

    uuughhhhh i hope things get better for you bby D:>

    Thanks honey! If nothing else, it’s relaxing to not have due dates and deadlines breathing down my next anymore, at least for a semester. <3 <3 <3

  5. An Adventure With American Health Insurance



    Phone call: Hello, we don’t seem to comprehend that it’s Friday afternoon and you probably are at work, but you seem to have an appointment on Wednesday, and we need you to check your insurance, by the way everything closes at 5, good luck, bye.

    Me: Fuck.



    Labor Day: HA HA everyone who isn’t you has the day off. Have fun trying to make the 24 hour deadline if you have to cancel your appointment, you retail-based sucker.



    Insurance Provider 1: No, I’m sorry that doctor isn’t in network. Also, the GI guy you were so thrilled to see who did your endoscopy? Not in network either. Next time, check the website first, since afterwards is toooooo late, very sad. My tone is sorry, but placating in a kind of “too bad you’re an idiot” way, I hope that’s okay.

    Me: Buh…but I did…I did check the…how…*freaks out, quickly cancels Wednesday appointment, envisions bank account just collapsing into fire and blood*


    Parents: *freak out*


    Website: Ha ha, according to me, these people are in network, welcome to the most fucked up hall of mirrors ever are you tired of the asstrain that is the American medical insurance system yet?



    Insurance Provider 2: Um, wow, I don’t know what to tell you. Both of those people show up as in network. In fact, one of them has billed in network for years. I can actually look shit up right now and tell you that your endoscopy would have been bonkers expensive but you are safe. I have no idea why the person you just talked to told you something different.

    Me: PLEASE REPEAT THIS INFORMATION THREE TIMES and give me some info about you and this call in case this all blows up in my face like everything always does. But yeah………….this is awesome. Confusing and a little terrifying, but uh…good. Good.


    Me: Hi so I had an appointment, y’all called me to ominously suggest I check my insurance, so I did, then I canceled, then I checked again, and uh…can I have the appointment back?

    Clinic: Yeah, okay.

    Me: So…why was I called?

    Clinic: Well you have [This Health Insurance] and that’s potentially not covered so we like to let people know.

    Me: But it says I am covered.

    Clinic: Well we’re not contracted with [This Health Insurance], we’re contrated with [This Health Insurance PPO].

    Me: …that’s what I have. I’m looking at my card right now. [This Health Insurance PPO].

    Clinic: ……oh. ………………….um. Wow, we even have a scan of your card that says that. I have no idea why you were called. See you tomorrow, then.

    Me: …I’m going back to bed.


    American Healthcare System: image


    Here’s the pic we DESERVE to be able to use (although we don’t seem to get to very much)

  6. jt-boi-n7 replied to your post “Weeeeell August sucked about as much as one month has been capable of…”

    ALLOW ME TO SING YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrotsEzgEpg

    BLESS YOU. Do I get Chris Pratt dancing stupidly while the song plays, too?? <3

    (pee ess, I FINALLY got my work schedule and I actually have Friday and Saturday nights off, so maybe we can hang out this weekend? Failing that I have a bunch of nights off next week too!)

  7. beili replied to your post “Weeeeell August sucked about as much as one month has been capable of…”

    Hope things get better soon! *HUGS*

    THANK YOU! The part which I will hereafter refer to as “that one time I got salmonella poisoning” was where it crossed the line from “crappy month” to actual Jonah Hill film. To be fair, I attended a LOVELY wedding of one of my dearest friends in August, too, and September already looks to be looking up for me. :)

  8. Chuck Wendig is magnificent


    I just feel the need to share that sentiment at the moment.

    I wrote that tweet yesterday in regards to the celebrity nude photo thefts.

    (It’s not a leak. Nor a scandal. It was theft, kay? Kay.)

    It’s had over 4500 retweets since then.

    A tweet that goes that far and wide tends to get a response that is equally far and wide, and so of course I’m getting a lot of tweets from people (let’s be honest: dudes) who are like BUH BUH BUT UHH THAT’S WRONG BECAUSE SOMETHING SOMETHING FALSE ANALOGY SOMETHING SOMETHING SECURITY AND HEY REMEMBER YOU SHOULDN’T PUT NUDE PHOTOS ON YOUR PHONE IF YOU WANT THEM STOLEN.

    Basically reiterating the same thing I was attempting to refute in the first fucking place.

    If that is your response, may I take this moment to elucidate an academic retort:

    Fuck you.

    Fuuuuuuuck you.

    Fuuuu-huuuu-huuuuuuuuck you.

    Please: now allow me to grow multiple arms like Shiva the Destroyer, and further, do note that at the ends of each serpentine arm you will find a middle finger, thrust up so that each finger is straining in an angry, arthritic fashion to convey the telepathic disdain I have for your bullshit, hypocritical, falsely equivalent opinion.

    I think people should be allowed to take nude photos of themselves.

    I think nude photos are rad. I think not taking nude photos is rad. I think whatever you want to do sexually or artistically is a-okay as long as its enthusiastically consensual — stick a carrot up your ass, if you want, while banging your genitals with a tambourine. Whoever you are, however you identify yourselves, I live in a world where I want you to have both the freedom to do what you want in this manner while simultaneously possessing the privacy to do it as you see fit.

    Any violation of that is just that: a violation.

    It is a crime. An actual, honest-to-that-blind-lady-with-the-scales crime.

    It is not rape, but it is deeply demonstrative of rape culture because it is an act that exploits a woman and her body without her consent. And then, as if to vigorously rub salt into the wound with the heel of one’s callused hand, the judgey-faced shitty-assed judgments of countless men follow in the wake of the violation: victim-blaming, slut-shaming, Puritanical finger-waggling.

    “If you don’t want nude pics to get into the world…”

    “Something-something security…”

    “Sure, sure, it’s a crime, but still, you have to know realize that…”

    Shut up.

    Shut up shut up shut up shut up.

    If you do that, you are on the side of evil, not the side of good.

    Oh, I know. You’re pretending that you have people’s best interests at heart.

    You want to remind them that the phone they carry is a vulnerable device.

    It’s basically a boat with a sprung hull. Anything might leak into or out of it.

    So, you think that anything you have put on your phone is suspect? Or your computer or tablet? If I steal your banking information, or your credit cards, or your e-mails, or pictures of your wife, your kids — well, hey, that’s your fault. You plugged in, bro. You shouldn’t have driven on the Information Superhighway if you don’t want to get run over by a couple joy-riding hackers, right?

    And hey, driving on the actual highway is pretty dangerous, too. You shouldn’t drive because you could get hit. Sure, I mean, a drunk driver shouldn’t drive drunk – but it’s kinda your fault too because you had the audacity to leave your home. Leaving your home is dangerous. Your whole body is basically a gelatinous jellyfish, just an animated sack of bones and meat quivering its way through life. If you don’t protect yourself — guns, armor, various Mad Max-ian spikes and chains — then you can expect all kinds of violence. You’re not at all secure out there. Your flesh isn’t protected by a password. It’s your fault if you get beaten up. Oh, they stole your wallet, too? That’s what you get for putting all that vulnerable money inside a leather flappy thing ensconced within the soft downy pockets of your dumb acid wash jeans.

    What’s that? I just punched you in the face?

    Okay, yes, that’s a crime. Admittedly! Admittedly.

    But you probably also should be wearing a helmet.

    …There’s more. Every word a delight. Go read it.

    That analogy about banking info on your phone is fucking spot-on. Why do jackasses think it’s okay to have an expectation to not have your financial or familial personal information stolen from a personal device, but that nude photos are somehow free game no matter where they are?

    Answer: Because that’s the same faction of jackasses who feel entitlted to access to women’s bodies. The same people who cat-call and think it’s a compliment. The same people who think anything less than a woman screaming “no” in their face at the top of her lungs is consent.

    And those people are assholes.

  9. joannaestep:


    So joannaestep has this super adorable headcanon that Clear likes to wear dresses because they make him feel like a jellyfish and isn’t it just the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? Also, i guess the first one is Cleao, while the bottom one is Mizuclear???
    Aoba complains, but truth be told, he doesn’t mind, he’s just being his grumpy morning self. Meanwhile, Mizuki designs lovely aquatic tattoos for his bae because he’s the boyfriend of the year.  

    i’m YELLINg THIS IS SO PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. okumurakoshu replied to your post “Weeeeell August sucked about as much as one month has been capable of…”


    SOBBBBB, thanks boo. My boss JUST posted the schedule for next week, and as promised I’m working every single day, haha, so that’s good news for me! LOTS OF SHIFTS. BROKE-ASS KAT NEED MONEY.

  11. Weeeeell August sucked about as much as one month has been capable of sucking, at least for me personally. Bitching and moaning under the cut. 

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